Neurontin Depression Anxiety

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Many people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks can benefit from anti-anxiety medications. If you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks you probably have reached a place where you thought you have done whatever you could in order to help yourself overcome them.

There are many drugs out there that can work for people as you who suffer from treatment plans, and while there are drugs that may work for others, they may not necessarily work for you. This does not mean, however, that you should take a gamble when it comes to taking drugs for your anxiety and panic attacks.

Your doctor’s help is important in making sure that your use of medication is within safe doses and has the least side effects possible. This is because some anti-anxiety drugs, like most drugs, also carry harmful effects, particularly when used for purposes which which is these were not initially intended for. Neurontin is especially category.

The anti-convulsant Neurontin was approved by the FDA in 1993 for treating seizures and for the neurological pain associated with herpes and shingles. However, it has been found to cause neurontin depression, particularly when used for off-label signals such as anxiety disorders along with bipolar disorders and restless legs affliction. Doctors believe that neuropentin depression occurs, especially in children, when the drug is used for anxiety and this was confirmed by a report released by the FDA. In 08, the FDA released a written report stating that anti-epileptic drugs like Neurontin, unlike anti-anxiety drugs, were twice more likely to cause Neurontin depression compared to a placebo. Ironically, although it may often be prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety in some patients, neurontin, aside from causing Neurontin depression especially in the under-3 set, has been shown to cause anxiety — one of the conditions that it was supposed to treat!

Aside from neurontin depression, neurontin anxiety is another danger which is associated with the use of the drug. People who experienced neurontin anxiety experienced attitudinal problems, sobbing, feeling a false sense of well-being and rapid and extreme mood golf swings. Some people have even experienced their depression and anxiety levels increase when they started taking neurontin.

Neurontin depression and anxiety can happen to anyone taking the drug. This runs specifically true if you are taking the drug as an anti-seizure medication. If you are experiencing and enjoying the symptoms of neurontin depression and anxiety while on the drug, make sure to consult your doctor for advice on the next step.

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